ALL-CAN300 and FMC650/FMB640/FMB641

I am interested in reading can bus data from tractors and trucks especially fuel data. I have bought and installed a FMB641 and got FMS data from some tractors but some of the tractor models don’t populate the fuel data. I check the ALL-CAN300 adapter’s supported parameters excel sheet and found that it can read all the fields i am interested in on the models that I tested without success with the built in CAN module.

Is it possible to get firmware version of the FMB641/FMC650 that can read all the data an ALL-CAN300 adapter can or do i need to install an ALL-CAN300 with my FMB641/FMC650 to get the parameters I am interested in although these trackers can already read CANBUS data


Good day, If the parameter that you need is not available using FMS then you need to install ALLCAN300 with your FMC641/FMC650 or if the professional device is not needed you can pair ALLCAN300 with an advanced device like FMC130/FMB120.

FMS and ALLCAN300 are 2 different products to know more about them you can visit our wiki page:

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