Alerts&Automations (action - send email)


I’m trying to configure alerts as in the screenshot.

The alert works, but the problem is that e-mails arrive every 5 minutes continuously. How can I set it so that only one email with information is sent when the condition is met?

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There might be a chance for the changes in the mobile connection Type frequently, but yes
Since this issue has been forseen , we have two features to counter this constant update

Cooldown- How long the template will be frozen after its triggered, so as not to be spammed with constant updates

Delay- to be sure that it is not just a one time event for a few seconds. and to make sue the event happens and it is constant for the amount of time u set in delay

Let me know if this helps



I want emails to be sent in real time after the device status changes. For example, when the mobile connection is restored, I would like to receive one e-mail with information and not receive e-mails every 5 minutes until the device status changes again. Could I ask for specific settings?

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