Alert from power supply switch?

Hi I have an RUTXR1, utilising two separate power supply inputs.
Wondering if the unit can tell if one supply is off (eg it has switched to the backup supply?) and can I interrogate the unit for this status, or define an alert? Modbus over IP would be ideal, but I don’t see that in the register table…

Basically I just want notice and logging that my main power supply is off - this would be an easy way if it was possible.



Unfortunately, it’s not possible to log which power supply is powering the device.

Our product, RUTXR1, doesn’t have any input/output (I/O) functionality. This means it doesn’t receive any information from the I/O pins in the power plug; they’re solely for powering. You can find more information here: RUTXR1 Powering Options.

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