Adding hostnames to source IP list under port forwards

Hello all. Is there a way to add a DNS resolved hostname to the Source IP Address list on a port forward? I am whitelisting a third-party service that accesses a webcam behind a RUT241. I can use IP’s but would prefer hostnames if possible because the IP’s may change from time to time.

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Is there really no means to use hostnames when setting up RUTxxx rules?


Apologies, it seems like we have missed your ticket.
IPtables (firewall used in RutOS) does not support this, and most likely never will. It is explained in detail here: linux - Using iptables to redirect traffic to a dynamic DNS name instead of an IP address? - Super User
But to summarize, if the firewall was to perform DNS lookup on every incoming/outgoing packet, it would be very slow, and it would also have some security and functionality implications.
The only workaround I could think of, is have a script running in crontab that would automatically update the port forward rule based on the domain name matched with the MAC address. However, this would most likely take a some time to get working properly.
Hope this answers the question.

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Thanks for the explanation.

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