Add write access to "mob1s1a1" for an group on RUT956

Hello, we need some help to understand/create a write access rule for the “user group”

We want the group to be able to have “write access” to the two Mobile Sim Card Interfaces (mob1s1a1 and mob2s1a1) but no to WAN & LAN interfaces.

We “found” a rule that make sense for us which is “network/interfaces/general/:section” but we can’t change the “:section” to example “mob1s1a1” and or even leave the rule as it is with the :section on the end because I can’t save the config then.

So basically we need a rule that allows the user to have write access to “mob1s1a1 & mob2s1a1” but not the LAN & WAN/WAN6 interfaces.

Thanks in advance


It seems that this post is a duplicate because there is another post on the same topic here. Therefore, to avoid confusion, I will close this topic and the discussion can be continued in the mentioned post.

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