Ad Blocking on RUTx11 Router?

What is the best/easiest method of implementing ad blocking on a RUTx11 router? Do any of the services such as Mullvad, NextDNS, ADguard have applications for Teltonika?

Running a large fleet of RUT955s, running ORG openwrt, for me the simplest solution would be to tinker around with /etc/dnsmasq.conf, to include a special, additional hosts file, defining the well known ad sites. However, this might need to be enhanced for auto update of the blocklist, i.e. by scheduled downloads. Or, to block ad sites, using various IPs, to use dnsmasqs ipset feature. This has the advantage of fully keeping my privacy, not to give any info to 3rd party.
A more advanced variation of this principle would be running pihole on my RUT, but not possible on Teltonikas OS, I guess. You might opt to use additional cheap (openwrt-)device to do so, though.

Hello Raymond

Our devices only support WEB filtering options by default, for advanced Ad-Blocking options, it would be highly recommended to go with the dnsmasq.conf as mentioned above,
Kindly test it out and get back to us if any further query


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