Activation mail not received by RMS

I’m trying to register myself for using RUT240 on the cloud, my I can’t receive the activation email from RMS website.
What is going on?



First of all, please check your spam folder.

Secondly, could you please clarify what email server are you using?

Also, ensure that the email server supports TLS.

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Hello, thanks for answer.
The mail server I am using for receiving mails is
I have already check the spam folder, but no activation mails.

Ivan Iudice


Please double-check if you have entered the correct email address.

In case if the issue persists, then, to investigate the issue from the RMS side, additional private information is needed. However, as this forum does not allow private communication, I recommend reaching out to your designated sales manager or reseller from whom you purchased the device. Once the team is provided with the necessary details, they will be able to investigate this issue for you. In case this is not feasible, I suggest filling in the ‘contact us’ form here.

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