Activating Buzzer With FMB130 Crash Detection

I’m trying to make my FMB130 to activate the buzzer on Digital Output 1 when it detect Crash but i have no idea how to i’ve tried a bunch of thing but nothing worked your help will be appreciated

Yeah that’s what I’m asking the configuration cause I’ve that page many times over but still can’t get it work I’m asking if you have an example configuration for my case then it’s truly be appreciated

Hi Yusril,

Good day, FMX130 devices do not activate DOUT when the crash is detected, instead, it will give you an event notification. The crash detection is using codec 8 extended protocol and the AVL ID is 247 for crash detection and 257 for crash trace data.

For your reference you can visit this wiki page: FMM130 Teltonika Data Sending Parameters ID - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

and search for the AVL ID.

and for configuring the crash detection you need to follow our wiki page: FMB130 Accelerometer Features settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (


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