Accessing Devices through VPN on RUTX50


I have a number of TRB140 and RUTX50 all connected together using the VPN Hub in RMS.

Each has a device connected to its LAN, with the VPN extended to this device via the ‘Routes’ section in RMS VPN Hub.

I can also access these devices with the OpenVPN client on my Laptop with the Config file downloaded from the VPN hub.

However, I gave a third party server that needs to access these end devices (to poll them via MODBUS), but it cannot have the VPN client installed.

It is connected to a RUTX50, which is also on the VPN network (I can ping the other end devices from the troubleshooting pages).

How do I configure this so I can reach the other end devices though the RUTX50? I cannot ping them from the server, even though I can ping the RUTX, as well as Ping the end devices from the RUTX50 from the troubleshooting page.

Thanks in advance


I have recreated your connection on our premise. Can you check the following to ensure connectivity to your PLC?

RMS Data
Make sure that you have sufficient RMS Data on your account. It is worth mentioning that RMS VPN is utilizing this data. To check, click your RMS Account → Resource Summary.

Can you try disabling your PC firewall as it may be blocking traffic from your server going to the PLC.

To gain LAN connectivity behind RUTX50, the following should be configured:

Enable LAN under Routers

Add Routers → click Scan → choose the device IP address

Then from your PC, you should be able to ping the configured device similar to this:

Let me know if this clarifies your doubts!



I have checked all those things.

In a remote location I have an RTUX50 with a pc attached to to, with the VPN extended to it via the ‘routes’ section as you have outlined.

I can see the IP on the ‘Ports’ section in RMS.

From a Virtual Machine on Azure with the OpenVPN client running, I can ping all other devices on the VPN network.

However when I try and Ping the server behind the RUTX50, I get the below:



Can you share a screenshot of the routes that you added in RMS VPN Hub?



For further troubleshooting, can you plug in a PC behind this RUTX50. Add PC’s IP address in Routes, then verify if their is successful ping from VM on Azure. Also, can you confirm that the RUTX50 is running on the latest FW (7.05.4). If not, kindly upgrade on the same.


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