Access to BLE raw data

Is there a a blesem function or an other command line way that I can use to perform a BLE scan but return the raw advertisement data?

I have BLE beacons that do not provide an AD Type 09 so I need access to AD Type FF in order to get the manufacturer code.


First of all, please take a look at this post here.

Now, to manage Bluetooth on your Teltonika Networks device, you can use the ubus commands:

ubus -v list blesem

ubus call blesem scan.start

Wait for a few moments, then retrieve the scan results with:

ubus call blesem scan.result

# Get data from specific sensor

ubus call blesem stat '{"address":"7C:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX"}'

However, it’s important to note that the Bluetooth functionality on Teltonika Networks devices is primarily designed for EYE Sensors and EYE Beacons as mentioned in the linked post before. It might not be suitable for your case if you are not using these sensors. If you want, you might consider developing own firmware using the Teltonika SDK. SDK instructions are available on our wiki page here.

Keep in mind that this kind of custom development is beyond the scope of our assistance. However, here are a few hints:

You will need to modify the package/utils/bluez/Makefile file by removing the --disable-client flag.

Also, you will need to integrate the following components into your firmware:

  • bluetoothd
  • bluetoothctl (a command-line client)
  • dbus

There’s also an OpenWrt community’s example: OpenWrt Bluez Makefile.

This should allow you to manage your Bluetooth connections using the bluetoothctl command.

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Thank you for your prompt reply. I’ll take a look.

Hi Andzej,

Thanks for the details. It is too complex for me at this stage.

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