Access RUTX50 from extern

  1. Can I only run a VPN server via OpenVPN?
  2. Is direct access to the router possible via Dyndns?


Yes you can do it both ways.
You can access the RUTX50 via the OpenVPN server, or via a open HTTPS port to the internet.
I would not recommend the last option for security reasons.

There are many VPN server options:

Yes … other VPN server configs are available. If you have a SIM with a public IP (i.e. not an everyday commercial SIM) on your RUTX, then I’d recommend Wireguard, as it lean and carries a low payload compared to other VPN’s … all depends what the clients/peers, to your ‘server’, support.

If you do have a regular commercial ISP SIM that uses CGNAT, then you’ll have to use a ‘VPN matching service’ such as Tailscale.

Your RUTX has the ability to update a DDNS for ‘clients/peers’ to reference as an endpoint but this is only of any use if your SIM/WAN connection has a public IP.

As @TRUNK says … not using a VPN and relying on opening ports is definitely NOT recommended, for security reasons.

I have a data card from Vodafone. I can’t say whether it has a public IP. How do I find out? Are there detailed instructions for configuring the various VPN servers on the RUTX50?


It’s very unlikely that you have a public IP address, as this service usually costs extra for end-users. To check if you have a public IP address, compare your device’s gateway address with the IP address shown on websites like IP Chicken.

For configuration examples, visit our wiki page: VPN Configuration Examples.

In your case, you could try using ZeroTier VPN, which doesn’t require a public IP or DDNS.

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If you are new to the RUTX50 User Interface, then the gateway address for the SIM can be found at NETWORK > WAN and it is in the box circled in the screen below.

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