Access RUT950 WebUI via wifi access point

I have set up the procedure to bridgeThe Teltonika RUT950 To An
Existing Wireless Network (RUTOS relay / Wi-Fi extender / repeater / bridge configuration - Teltonika Networks Wiki).

RUT2 ip is RUT1 ip is The Wifi connection ip is

I would like to access RUT2 WebUi from a pc connected (ip to RUT1 but not finding a solution.


By default, the bridge is connected over the WAN zone. You will need to allow access on RUT2 from WAN (in this case, RUT1). Please, take a look at this post here. Since the device is connected to another AP in bridge mode (so there is no other WAN sources on RUT2), you can set Input/Output/Forward on the WAN zone to ACCEPT. You shouldn’t get any errors like the person had in that post, but if you do, you can take a look at this post here.

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Hello AndzejJ,

Many thanks for the support. May I have any option to access and change RUT2 config remotely from RUT1 cli? Or given the default settings I need to physically reach RUT2?


Unfortunately, since the access from the WAN is rejected, you will need to reach RUT2 physically.

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