2FA emails not reaching my email

I have been almost a month now unsuccessfully trying to log in to the Teltonika RMS portal using my account email.

After entering my email and password I get a prompt asking to enter a code that has been sent to my email (see capture below).

The fact is that, after several attempts on different days, I never received any email.

I also checked all the SPAM folders and contacted the IT department to see if the emails were being blocked for some reason at our end, their reply:
“Nothing found in a message trace or in the spam filter, and nothing found in quarantine under that address or anything from that domain. So it’s not being actively blocked by us in anyway, their emails are not even hitting our tenant. I would suggest contacting them directly and informing them of this so they can look into from their side.”

I contacted the supplier and they are unable to help.

Please help me to regain access to my account ASAP.

As an aside information, my email is not even receiving the password reset emails requested from the “Forgot password?” option on the login page.


As this will require dealing with your personal information. Please contact us directly at https://teltonika-networks.com/ via the “Contact US” form. We’ll reach out to you through there.

Kind regards,

I did that and I was said to contact the supplier, the supplier does not help, I seem to be in no mans land.

I have done this again.