I was following the guide “Modbus TCP Slave Send SMS example” but when entering the path /services/modbus/modbus_slave I get the following error: “404 page not found Your requested path: /services/modbus/modbus_slave”. I need to change the MODBUS state from disabled to enabled.
I am using a 240RUT


You are able to access the WebUI of the RUT240, but you are unable to navigate to Services → Modbus → Modbus TCP Slave (and Master). You get a 404 error when you try. Is that correct?

What firmware version are you running? If it is not the latest, please, update the firmware.

Also, are you in the Advanced mode? You can switch from Basic to Advanced mode in the upper right corner of the WebUI.

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The error turned out to be that I did not have the relevant packages installed

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