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We are using FMB120 and lv can for digital fuel monitoring on trucks with canbus and works fine. Now we have clients requesting to monitor fuel on auxilliary/reserve tank (that do not have senors connected) of the same trucks.

Any recommendation on this will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Thank you for your question,

You can monitor fuel level in a reserve tank using Analog Fuel level sensor (LLS). This would require installation into the tank.

Please follow a basic scheme on how this could be implemented.

If installation into inside of the tank can not be done you may require using Ultra Sonic Fuel level sensor (UL202), which is only supported by devices that have serial communication RS232/RS485 modes. 

Such devices: FMB640, FMB125

Hope this helps,


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Thank you for the feedback.

Is the Ultra Sonic Fuel level sensor (UL202) a digital device? Thanks