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In a RUT240, I have set up DHCP from to The first client does not get, but some random address within the range. I would like the first client to get the first available address.

Is this possible?

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Hi, I can't say whether it's possible, but randomising the client addresses does have some (albeit minimal) security benefits; it isn't possible to guess the next assigned IP address. However, it is possible to scan the network to see what is alive, and even if all clients are firewalled, it's possible to find them via the attacker's ARP table.

Based on 30 years of networking and security experience, I've never heard of a DHCP server which randomises the leases and can't think of a major benefit. However, there also isn't any technical benefit to knowing the next assigned address - if you need to know what address a particular client will receive, the agreed Best Practice is to either statically assign it on the client or reserve it to the client's MAC address on the DHCP server.
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