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one would hope that such industrial device has a input voltage monitoring. Is the a way (rutOS, ssh) to see the input voltage?

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Hello. You can read the analog input by using the following command:

cat /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon0/device/in0_input

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This is better than nothing.

By any chance is there a json output via browser for such cases?

Feature request maybe :)
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You can check a guide we have here on how to monitor the device via JSON-RPC


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Sorry, but there is no JSON-RPC enable option as described in the link. Is it enabled by default?

and /sys/class/hwmon/ is empty
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Can you say what model of router you have and what Firmware version you have?

This feature is available in RUT2XX and RUT9XX. We recommend to update the Firmware of your device.
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Yes, it's RUTX11, as I mentioned in the main question.
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Hello. I owe you an apologize. I made a mistake. I omitted the device's name "RUTX11" when I did answer. Thinking all the time we were talking about RUT955.sad

Currently our other routers does not have a functionality to measure their power supply voltage because there is no internal circuitry to measure how much the voltage input is.

The only device that can, in some way, measure analog voltage is the RUT955 because it does have an analog input. the workaround is to connect the analog input to the power supply and measure the analog input using the command cat /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon0/device/in0_input

In the case of the JSON-RPC feature. It will be implemented in the following updates.

Please keep tuned via for new implementations.