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I configured Event Reporting to use an FTP server. I set the day as Sunday and time hour as 23.  I switched the router off overnight as I wanted to test that when it is powered back on in the morning (as per a typical vehicle deployment) I wanted to see that it even though that day and time had passed, it would immediately upload the log files via FTP. But nothing happened. I checked the router's 4G connection was up and data connection was fine.    

Is the router not capable of dealing with this scenario, in other words, does it need to be switched on at the time specified in the configuration in order for a log file to ever get uploaded?     what about typical usage scenarios where the router is in a vehicle but it is switched off and the trigger day and time?

Any one know?

Also, is there a comprehensive manual for the RUT955 as I cant find it.


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Yes, the router must be turned on at the time that the log to FTP sending is configured.

You can find the PDF version of the manual here:

I also advise you to check out our wiki, where there are many examples of configurations and manuals for all products:

Regards, Aliaksandr!


Hi Aliaksandr

Many thanks for the answer, it's good to know.  But I wonder whether this is something you could consider adding as an option in the future versions of the O/S. As it is not possible to predict when a vehicle with be in use exactly in the day, it would be useful if there's an option to force the upload when a time is missed, when the router is next powered on.   I don't have any way of getting the log data uploaded in this deployment scenario :-(

Is there a way to log it to the USB drive storage?