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I've already found under "Call Configuration" how I can enter a specific phone number. but I do not find the option "unrecognized incoming calls option" in the menu. the device therefore accepts all incoming calls despite the whitelist. I have also found a call_utils file in which apparently the entry is, but without the right parameter's not.

or someone can attach me the file call_utils, in the incoming calls are not accepted (answered nor rejected)

RUT240 Firmware 1.10



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Firmware update is planned for release on first half of September with a "Reject unrecognized incoming calls" function.
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Thanks a lot,
could I get the entries in the file call_utils in advance?  Otherwise, I can not talk on the phone in my car?  possibly also as a PM.  Thank you
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I would also like to urge for this feature. My provider doesn't allow to disable parallel ringing for the multi sim i'm using in the RUT240 and the router keeps declining all calls.