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Good morning dear Teltonika Support!

This is my case, I am a network equipment installer, I have a Teltonika Rut950 router installed, this is sold by Glomex, a company that markets these antennas for internet yatch service through SIM card. the case is that installed more than 6 antennas and the case is that they work perfectly in Land Port, but when they Yatch go to another location they appear with a good signal but the internet does not work, however that same SIM Card works and gives Internet in Common mobile phone.

Why is it that this router is opening the internet at one point and not at another point?

 Why can't you connect if it's an antenna from the same cell phone provider company? I

distressed and I don't understand why in one location it works and in another it doesn't? p

let me know what I can do to get the favorable results, or if it's possible remove this software an works properly with original software, by the way Glomex not having knowledge for function of this router, so my unique way to resolve this problem it's your technical support.

Best Regards,

Alejandro Metz

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I think this belongs in the Networking section.