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Hi! I have FMB010 and FMB001 devices tracking some vehicles and I saw that i have some records with speed over 200 and 250 km/h... how is it possible?

This records have between 4 and 7 sattelites, can be that the issue?? not enough satellites??? Thanks a lot

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Speed is retreived using GPS, so interference with the position fix does create these kinds of jumps that are registered as movement. The average amount of satellites for a stable GPS fix is usually around 10, so the number of visible satellites is likely the issue.

Also, FMB0XX devices can be configured to retreive speed through OBDII instead of GPS as a workaround for this issue.
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Hi, thanks for your quick response. I supposed that, I will research about read the data from odb but we have some different vehicles and we need to code all different cases...

Thanks again!

We face the same problem with speed recording using FMA110 and FM1110 devices. Would it be a good practice to ignore the recorded speed if the number of the detected satellites (recorded in the GPS element of AVL Data ) is less than 10?