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The device Rut950 will work proberly.
But since 2 week i cannot enter in the management portal.

The Gateway will not found in the explorer.

what did i wrong?

Or is it a firewall problem`?

Thanks for help. Thomas

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You cannot reach routers WebUI?

  • Are you trying to connect to your router through LAN(Local IP. Example: 192.168.1.x) or WAN(Public IP. Example: 84.14.15.x)?
  • If you are trying to reach router's WebUI through public IP address, is Remote HTTP Access function activated in System > Administration > Access Control > Enable Remote HTTP Access?
  • Can you successfully ping the router and get a reply?
  • Have you tried rebooting the router?

Dear Peasant,

sorry for my late answer. I didn´t see your answer before.
Thank you very much for your help.
Now with your help i found  it: 
Enable Remote HTTP Access was disabled how ever.

So your "guess" was perfect!
Thank you !

Best Regards


I'm very glad to hear it, good luck!