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Hi, the remote access to the Siemens Logo PLC doesn't work.

I have the RUT230 with a SIM-Card with a public IP-Adress

At the LAN-Port is a PLC with the IP-adress

I made a Port-Forwarding to the IP Port 8080, which is the Webserver-Port of the PLC.

I don't know, why, but it don't work.

If i am making a general portforwarding to the IP i can open the WebUi from extern.

I have also an other Modem, here i just make one portforwarding to Port 8080 and it works. goes to the WebUi (IP: goes to the webinterface from the Logo-PLC (IP:

Can anywone help me? 

Greetings Dennis

I'm also looking forward to the solution as I've tried the same thing.

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Hello, Dennis

Can you double check if IP is your public IP address? Just go to and check if the field "Your IP is" matches the IP you see in your routers Overview > WAN section.



Hi if i am connected with the RUT230 and go online over this modem and check on my IP is 

The operator of the SIM-cards is 1NCE and has an VPN and fixed IPs.

As i say, at an other modem, it works very fine without doing anything, only one portforwarding-rule.

Greetings Dennis


Are you trying to access the device from internet? Because in that situation you should connect through public IP, in this case, but in order to do that, your provider should forward the traffic to and then you should forward 8080 to

Only way to make your configuration work is to try reaching your device through from the device in the same subnet for example

You can read more on that

Also, does the other router also have local IP address or has a true Public IP? Maybe you could check?