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Hello Everyone!

( RUT230 FW ver.: RUT2XX_R_00.01.06.1 )

Could you please help me understand why teltonika router disconnects all 2 wifi clients it has from time to time - events log looks like below and there are no log entries saying that clients are connected again (but in fact they are). Why are they disconnected from wifi at all? It's not related to DHCP lease renewal, devices are in the network, working properly. Sometimes when they are disconnected from wifi, something is wrong as they are in fact disconnected and manage to get wifi connection again after 15 min and I really don't know why they are loosing wifi connection for that long time... Any ideas? 


812019-03-31 09:46:33WiFiWiFi client disconnected: B8:27:EB:26:5A:15 rpi_UNIT_0
802019-03-31 09:46:33WiFiWiFi client disconnected: 00:B5:D0:12:75:47 Galaxy-Tab-A-2017

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Yes, but here router says that two clients are disconnected, but they are connected and everything seems to be fine. That's why it worries me a bit... These two clients generate around 20MB of traffic daily, so it's really not a big traffic to crash the router wifi...?
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Could you send troubleshoot package from router when issue appears?

You can send it directly to me, for this press on my user.
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Thank you for troubleshoot package.

Have you tried with router after reset? Without DHCP changes? According troubleshoot package seems like it was working until DHCP changes.
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Sorry, you mean factory reset?

For DHCP the only change that is being done is that one wifi client gets statis lease of We need this to be able to run port forwarding and enter the client from the internet (internet is provided via GSM with static, public IP address).

I see a bit different thing I would like to consult. When router disconnects the clients, I notice that in syslog of the router we have:

Mon Apr  1 14:47:12 2019 hostapd: wlan0: STA 40:a1:08:78:87:52 IEEE 802.11: disassociated due to inactivity

Mon Apr  1 14:47:13 2019 hostapd: wlan0: STA 40:a1:08:78:87:52 IEEE 802.11: deauthenticated due to inactivity (timer DEAUTH/REMOVE)

Mon Apr  1 14:47:14 2019 Messaged[15949]: Start from new event "WiFi" "WiFi client disconnected: 40:A1:08:78:87:52  android-bbb6de4cef139b04"

Mon Apr  1 14:47:36 2019 hostapd: wlan0: STA b8:27:eb:16:a2:09 IEEE 802.11: disassociated due to inactivity

Mon Apr  1 14:47:37 2019 hostapd: wlan0: STA b8:27:eb:16:a2:09 IEEE 802.11: deauthenticated due to inactivity (timer DEAUTH/REMOVE)

Does it mean that clients could be kicked off due to inactivity? If yes, how that behaviour could be avoided?

Thank you!
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Try to add this config line to /etc/config/wireless under config wifi-iface :

option disassoc_low_ack ‘0’

You can do this via SSH. Connect to the router using SSh.

Username: root

Password: admin01 (or new WebUi password)

To configure via SSh use vi editor.

root@Teltonika:~# vi /etc/config/wireless

In order to edit the file, you have to be in insert mode. Press i

In order to get out of vi, you have to be in command mode. Press [Esc] (the escape key).

Then write one of the following command:

:x   - exit and save.

:q! – exit without saving.

Then reboot router.