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Добрый день.

Имеется некоторое количество приборов FMB125 с очень старой прошивкой (Code Ver. 1.21.07 Rev:2 если верить команде getver). Индексы параметров в них не соответствуют текущей версии мануала. К примеру, на запрос параметра 2005 (порт сервера) прибор возвращает строку "WARNING: Not supported Param ID detected".

Обновить прошивку возможности нет.

Где можно взять старый мануал с актуальными под эту прошивку ID параметров?

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This is FM11 family device, not FMB!

So obviously you cant update fw version to one @ FMB platform.

You should be able to update to latest 01.27.xx FW version.



But also - if device is working for you and you dont have issues with current FW - there is not much need to update really.

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That is very strange. There shouldn't be any FM11XY devices there. I will check.

Anyways you helped me a lot, thank you.
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"Обновить прошивку возможности нет."

Everything is possible. Can you send private message with time + timezone - during which you could setup remote desktop connection (teamviewer/anydesk) -> if you have device remotely @ your place -> we can sort it out and update for you latest FW version like 03.18.20 and then everything should match according to user manual.

Also i went through our history - there was no such version for FMB family devices as 01.21.xx.

01.xx.xx versions were in such range: [01.00.00 - 01.00.32], [01.01.00.Rev.00 - 01.01.01.Rev.06], [01.03.00.Rev.00 - 01.03.14.Rev.00] -> afterwards

[02.00.00 - 02.03.03] -> afterwards: 03.xx.xx -> which is latest ongoing major version. I.e. current latest (official) is 03.18.20 +-.

Are you sure you have FMB family device?


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I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to use remote desktop connection due to security policy of my company.

I would update the firmware if I could but the only access I have to the device is via SMS commands.

I got FW version from "getver" SMS. Is there another command to know it? If you say that FW number doesn't match the device model then there must be some kind of mistake, but I'm 100% sure that we use only FMB125 in that division and no other models.

Is there a way to know device's model via SMS?

Thanks in advance
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Can you provide full getver answer excluding imei for example?
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Code Ver:01.21.07 Rev:2 Device IMEI: 3*************1 Device ID: 000006 Bootloader Ver:01.10 Modem APP Ver:TM11Q_R_01.04.07.00_001