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I have paired FMB120 with OBDII. It communicates and send data to my gpswox only for a few seconds and then I start receiving no data: whether driving or stopped.

Communication takes place very occasionally.

What could be the problem?

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Thank you for your question,

Could you confirm that you successfully receive all the data from single packet, then device stop communicating and never sends information again?

If this not the case would you mind checking your min.period/send.period parameters (Moving/On Stop) in the configuration. These parameters are found in Data Acquisition section. Send.period describes how often packets should be sent to server and min.period how often AVL packet are acquired. 

More info on this can be found in our wiki:

We hope this helps, if you have further questions please respond here.

Regards, Teltonika Support.

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I get all my OBDII data at every instance (data packet sent) when FMB120 is connected, OBDII unit will be blinking green showing it is connected and exchanging information. 

After a minute or two, i receive no information on the server. Green OBDII LED blinking would have dissappeared. 

Very randomly, these connection comes back again and I receive OBDII data. 

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I have the same problem as the author of the post. It's a little bit unstable the communication between the tracker and the OBDII device.