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I am using FMB001.

I trying to configure server setting in configurator.

What is value i can enter in Port and what are all the services need to run in my server.

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I would recommend you to read this post in our Wiki about setting up GPRS settings on FMB001 device:
Normally, when setting up a server you should configure APN, APN username/password, server domain, server port fields.

APN is your GSM operator's access point name.
APN username and password - your GSM operator's APN username and password if there are any.
Domain - this is a field where you enter your specific server's IP where all of your records will be sent to.
Port - your specific server's port

If you do not have your server ready (which I assume you don't), you can take a look at our TAVL platform:
Or other supported platforms: