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The below response i got from <space><space>allver, wanted to know that highlighted is showing device memory details ?

FM3001,03.06.04,00,8670600306912547,2018/02/08 15:35,1.5,205kB/346kB,120MB/122MB,UC20GQBR03A14E1G,1,137,AXN_5.10_3333,0,3,0

120MB used from 122MB am i right, simultaneously my second question is if device memory is full like above case then if i upload 4MB firmware file then device will not accept or fw will not get uploaded.

Appreciate if you could provide me ways to clear device memory through commands, and what will be the advantage or disadvantage if i clean device memory through commands. is all the saved setting will vanish like APN, domain etc.

awaiting your response.

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Step 1: Collecting Information for us.

*1* Highlighted area 'allver' show's Free external memory space/total space.
See our wiki page for this SMS command information:

*2* From your response device collect's it's data and do not send it to your configured server. This is possible in few option's:
1. You are not configured right GPRS and GPRS Server Setting's.
2. There is a lot of fixes with the new FW version's of you device's you should try it too. 
3. Your device do not have available data link at the time.
4. SIM is not active.

Please send SMS command to your device 'getstatus' to make sure that you have GPRS content available, send SMS response to us:
Example of the SMS command structure:
<SMS Login><Space><SMS password><Space>getstatus

If you are not using any SMS Login and password just leave two spaces before the command.

*3* Our device's have memory reserved for Log's (10 MB) and Configuration/FW upload (5 MB) to make sure that device can update if there is any data overflow. 

Step 2: If GPRS Content is active and it's Fault because of the older FW with Bugs.

For possible solution you can try to send few SMS command's.

1. SMS command 'cpureset' will restart your device and if GPRS settings are correct. Send all data to your server.
2. SMS command 'flush' will Initiate all data sending by GPRS to specified target server.
Example of the structure:
flush #,#,#,#,#,#,#
1.# - IMEI
2.# - APN
5.# - IP
6.# - PORT
7.# - MODE (0-TCP/1-UDP)

For example one of our device:
opa opa flush 353976012555151,banga,,,,12050,0
<SMS Login><space><SMS password><space>flush IMEI,APM,GRPS Login,GPRS password,IP,PORT,MODE

3. SMS command 'deleterecords.  It's possible to clean all device memory with SMS command, but IMPORTANT 'This SMS command will erase data which is collected to send to server'.
Not the configuration file as you expected. 

For more useful information about FM3001 SMS command's please refer to our wiki page (Link below):

Step 3: Waiting for your feedback.

We will be waiting for 'getstatus' response from your device.

We can not share FW here in this forum, you will have to contact your sales manager or distributor.

Best regards,