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I'm using you guide without luck.

Is something changed.

The new FW also added a new feature - Secret's ID selector?

Best regards

Soeren DK

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Correct, latest RUT2 firmware versions has improved IPsec, which allows you to use multiple pre-shared keys for different connections.

If you want to establish basic IPsec connection between two Teltonika routers, then all you have to do is configure the following parameters:

  • "Remote VPN endpoint"
  • "Remote IP address/Subnet mask"
  • "Pre-shared Keys" (Press "Add" button in "Pre-shared Keys" section and enter your key in newly appeared line)

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I have the same problem (RUT240-RUT955), with the old configuration (no selector, single preshared key) everything worked without problems. After RUT240 firmware update, it simply stops. I have added the preshared key, the same way you wrote, with the selector left blank, but it did not worked.

Secret´s ID selector should be blank? Or shoudl be there something?
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Everything depends on your router's configuration. If you are using simple IPsec configuration (i.e. just the necessary configuration fields), then "Sectors's ID selector" field can be left blank.

For example, below configuration is enough to establish IPsec between RUT2 and RUT9 routers (in this example, RUT2's LAN IP is, while RUT9's -