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Hi, I have a problem with the FMB120 Firmware FMB.Ver.03.18.16.Rev.00.e, it is disconnecting from our Gurtam provider with the following SMS message "Data link: 0 GPRS: 1 Phone: 0 SIM: 0 OP: 732101 Signal: 4 NewSMS: 0 Roaming: 1 SMSFull: 0 LAC: 307 Cell ID: 62787 NetType: 1 FwUpd: -65536 "

a little worried because it is becoming constant. Any solution ?

The configuration "open Link Timeout = 290"; Response TimeOut = 30 "I think the configuration is fine.

I remain attentive to your answers.

Thank you.

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Hello Flavio,
Thank you for the question.

Maybe your link closes because there is no new data to send, can you please attach a picture of you data acquisition settings?

Best regards,
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"In the registry you can see another APN that Emify (EM) that makes the change of SIM to see if it was her problem but did not connect."

Not sure about what are you talking. From provided log - device all the time was connected to same operator. When modem initialization was done.

From log we can also see that device keeps restarting modem (due to not being able to connect to GPRS operator):

[2019.01.15 21:36:11]-[NETWORK]    WARNING @ 2695:[CLEAR.ERROR.CNT.2686] Error count: 10 cleared
[2019.01.15 21:36:11]-[MODEM.ACTION]    Modem restart handler begin


apn used in the log was always the same:     Line 1118: [2019.01.15 21:37:44]-[NETWORK]    attempting to create pdp params. apn:, len: 10


"Could it be that they connect to Roaming and do not give access?

Yes device is in roaming.

network status:


    CCID        : 89883030000007232942
    IMSI        : 295050900162246
    Data Link   : 0/0/0/0/0/0
    GPRS Status : 0
    Phone Status: 0
    PIN Attemts : 3,3
    GSM Operator: 73003
    Bat. Charge : 5
    GSM Signal  : 5
    Service     : 1
    New Message : 0
    Roaming     : 1
    SMS Full    : 0
    Voice Call  : 0
    LAC         : 1316
    Cell ID     : 35285
    CFUN        : 1
    CSQ (rssi)  : 31
    [0]SIM detected: 1
    Network Type: 1/2G

So these sims do not have gprs access @ 73003 operator @ roaming then?


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Additional info:

Device also sees 73001/73002 op_codes as available. But it does not connect to these (automatically).

You could configure 5000 param_id @ gsm operators for this 73001/73002 op_codes. If you know that this SIM can connect to that gsm op and have gprs access there.

Because on 73003 op_code -> it appears device does not have access to GPRS @ roaming.

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So these sims do not have gprs access @ 73003 operator @ roaming then?


- these sms if they have gprs, have unlimited data and are with balance.

it is possible that when roaming, that the local operator closes the gprs context, changing the registry in the activated gprs device to gprs disabled?

What would be the configuration to minimize the operator closing the GPRS context. apart from the "network ping timeout"
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Network ping timeout is to keep data link open, not GPRS.

There is no way to control GSM operator regarding GPRS access.

I.e. if device strays too far away from currently connected operator say -> modem automatically connects to next "best" GSM op base station.

And same applies for operator, i.e too low signal -> can disconnect from one operator and loose GPRS access, and then device will be attempting to connect to next available GSM op -> and try to acquire GPRS access for data sending.

What you can do if you know your area where FMB devices are traveling, and if you know gsm operator codes under which your SIM cards -> have GPRS access:

1. is to configure @ gsm operator_list -> those op_codes, so device would be actively trying to connect to your configured operators.

2. And then device would use automatic connection -> if none of configured operator_codes would be seen/available near it.

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Thank you very much for the help, let's do the tests with the operators and the network ping configuration.

If I have any problem, I'll get in touch.