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How to view a webserver remotely. I made FIREWALL-PORT FORWARDING setting but nothing to do.

Firewall - Port Forwards - ARDU204

This page allows you to change advanced properties of the port forwarding entry. Although, in most cases there is no need to modify those settings.


Protocol TCP+UDPTCPUDPICMP-- custom --

Source zone

  •      gre: gre tunnel:image
  •      hotspot:
  •      l2tp: l2tp:image
  •      lan: lan: image image image
  •      pptp: pptp:image
  •      sstp:
  •      vpn: openvpn:image
  • X   wan: wan: image ppp: image

Source MAC address


Source IP address

Source port

External IP address

External port 200

Internal zone

  •      gre: gre tunnel:image
  •      hotspot:
  •      l2tp: l2tp:image
  • X   lan: lan: image image image
  •      pptp: pptp:image
  •      sstp:
  •      vpn: openvpn:image
  •      wan: wan: image ppp: image

Internal IP address

Internal port 80

Enable NAT loopback

Extra arguments

where is my error?

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In order to reach your equipment behind the router remotely, first make sure that your router has Public IP address.

(That can be done by connecting computer to a router and checking what IP address is displayed when you access e.g. this web page. Then comparing this IP address with the one, which you can see in router's "Status -> Network -> WAN" menu's "IP address" field.

  • If they match - router has Public IP address.
  • If they do not match - IP address is not public. In such case you should contact you ISP and ask about Public IP service).

If your router indeed has Public IP address, but you still cannot access your equipment remotely, check your equipment's internet settings and make sure that "router's LAN IP" is specified in "default gateway" parameter field. If you have not changed router's LAN IP from default one, default gateway should be "".

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the public address is present, the gateway is the default one, I use the LAN port, from this port it transmits and in parsing I receive the data. but if I do htttp: // 200 then public address is public port I do not receive anything. the public port is set to 200 and internal port 80. I state that the configuration in the fixed network router works well, but when the LAN cable moves from the domino network to rut203, I can not get from the outside. what settings should I do in FIREWALL or PORTFORWARDING or TRAFFIC RULES etc. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP