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I Just upgraded 3 of my RUT950 to 5.03.3 firmware and sms utilities command started not working. I inspected the logs, interestingly device shows "reboot: sms received from number" but router is not rebooting, but breaks internet connection and stays as it is. i'm receiving the reboot status sms after 03:00 timed auto reboot. Status command works fine but reboot command is not working. i have 3 remote locations and sms reboot is very important to me, because almost everyday device needs to be rebooted even device reboot itself at 03:00 in the midnight.

all of my 3 devices stopped responging after upgrading to 5.03.3 firmware so i think it is a firmware issue.

ps: bootloader is 3.0.1

Please help.

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This issue should be fixed in the next firmware release. In a mean time you can use Call Utilities feature, which allows to reboot a router via call instead of SMS. To configure this feature go to the Services -> SMS Utilities -> Call Utilities page and create a new call rule with action set to "Reboot. You can find more information on Call Utilities configuration here.

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Hello Again,

The data sim cards that we use are not accepting voice call, the operator rejects them automatically. is there any other option to remotely reboot the device by demand?

Thank you for your help,
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You can access the router via public WAN IP but I will let myself to assume that you do not have one. Having that in mind I would suggest you to use Remote Management System (RMS). RMS is designed to conveniently monitor and manage all Teltonika networking devices including RUT2xx, RUT8xx and RUT9xxr routers. The system allows to securely gather status information of your devices and to change their configuration even if the devices do not have public IP addresses. You are able to use RMS for a month for free. You can find more information about Remote Management System here.