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Hi I have set up a RUT240 LTE in bridge mode with a Ubquity USG and switch.

As soon as I have put the modem into bridge mode obviously the web browser ip of stops working and I have been able to find the IP without resting the RUT240 and starting again.

I am using a data sim which does not issue a static IP.

How do I find the IP address?

After putting the modem in bridge mode is the web browser GUI still functional?

Many thanks

2 Answers

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Please check some details how bridge mode works:

Also, check if only your PC/device is connected to router, because first device which "asks for IP" will get it.
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I have the same question - was not able to find the answer on the provided link.

did you find the IP?

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Unfortunately no but if you work out how please let me know.

I am not even sure if the GUI is avaialble in bridge mode anyway but in most modems it is.

Strangely some of the SMS features still work like reboot, however I have never been able to get the SMS status function to work, even prior to bridge mode.

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The WebUI is functional in mobile bridge mode, but most of the services are not. You can reach the WebUI only if you set up a static IP on your PC, because the LAN DHCP server becomes disabled in bridge mode.

The reason you can't find the modem's IP is because it's assigned not on an interface on the router, but on the device connected to the router (the one whose MAC address you specify in the "Bind to MAC" field).