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rut950 dyndns adresses stop working in local network after fimware update
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My RUT950 is on 05.02.6 - since this update dyndns is not reliable. DDNS interval is set to 10 minutes, and DDNS updates are sent after periodic reboot of router or manual reboot of DDNS-Service (so configuration seems to be correct). But after router gets a new IP (i.e. after restarting LTE connection), DDNS-updates are not sent until the next reboot of DDNS-service?
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Another odd thing: I‘ve scheduled reboot to 03:00 AM. Whenever I looked at the DDNS service state, the timestamp was always 07:02, even if there was no IP-change after reboot or if there was an IP-change after 07:00.... looks like there is something wrong with the DDNS update schedules?

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After which firmware update dyndns stopped working?

Also could you specify for what purpose exactly you’re dyndns on a local network?

If you want to bind IP addresses and hostnames to your devices go to:

WebUI → Network → LAN → Static Leases and bind the MAC addresses of your devices to specific Hostnames and IP addresses.