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How do I know the requested feature is released?
This one for example:

BTW what is the best way to have a reference to another topic from a post like this one here?

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Ive suggested, that you COULD request new functionality by contacting teltonika sales department.

By writing to this community forum and getting response from me:

"You could ofcourse - contact sales representatives and request for such functionality."

You do not get to request new functionalities.

Please contact teltonika sales -> and communicate your request.

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What is the most reliable way to contact Teltonika sales department in case I have no local sales representatives?

Best regards
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Hello Michael,

Thank you for the question.

If I remember correctly, you have FMB001, therefore you can follow its updates at:

Should you need any additional information, you can contact the supplier that sold you the device.

Have a great day. :)
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