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On the car Skoda Rapid  (2017) we installed FM1100 and LV CAN 200. Set up FM1100 device configuration and connect LV CAN 200 parallel to OBD connector in the car (CAN1H to pin 6 and CAN1L to pin 14), set code 391 to LV CAN 200, but we hawe no readings of the device LV CAN 200. Is there anything else necessary to configure to devices FM1100 or LV CAN 200.

Please help me to solve the problem and if You can tell me where i was wrong.

Thank You very much

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Thank you for your questions.

Could you please send following command to device:

<sms login><sms password> lvcangetinfo

Here you will find the information about this SMS command:

In this link you will find the information how to trouble shoot the LV-CAN200:,_ALL-CAN300,_CAN-CONTROL

Program number for this vehicle should be used: 11391

This program number is supported from: SWdate: 170901

SW date on LVCAN-200 device need to be higher or match program number support date.

If after troubleshooting you still be facing any problems, please contact your Teltonika sales manager for further actions.

Have a nice day.
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Thank You very much for the answer
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You have to follow LV-CAN200 connection diagram specific to your vehicle (Skoda Rapid 2017) provided by Teltonika Sales representative. Also Skoda Rapid models uses two CAN bus lines. Please contact your Teltonika Sales representative providing this vehicle model and its VIN number, and you will get correct connection scheme.