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I would like to control/command an AC relay. What is the best approach: open collector (3,4,8) or spst (5,10) ?

The wiki gives DC solution.

Examples of installation plan ?

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Can you give more information about the AC relay, which you want to control? I.e. model, coil voltage and etc.

But either way you will need an external voltage source to control AC relay. The choice which output to use depends on AC relay coil voltage and coil current, since Open Collector is rated up to 30VDC and 300mA and SPST relay - can hold up to 40VDC and 4A.
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The AC relay is very old (Gardy,model 0.2488.290.40,coil voltage 240VAC, 20A).

My idea was to connect an DC relay to the RUT955 which provides the 240VAC. Then to connect this relay to the AC relay.
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This looks logical solution to use one more relay between router and AC relay.

I'm adding the RUT955 relay contact ratings.

The best solution for you will be to use RUT relay, which control second relay, which will control AC relay.