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I have an FMB630 installed in a heavy vehicle that has stopped transmitting or responding to SMS for a couple of days. The tractor operator tells me that it has the GPS and GPRS lights always on  (green). I have not seen a troubleshooting section on the manual or wiki. He has tried resetting the FMB630 to no avail.

Does anyone know what could be happening ?

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Hello and thank you for your question.

Usually, the device doesn't stop sending data without a reason.

Suggestions what to check first:

Maybe you have updated the firmware/configuration of the device?  Are you using prepaid sim cards, maybe you've reached your data limit?

Things to check using the configurator:   GPRS: GSM provider APN name, server address and port, deep sleep mode, SMS data sending, records saving/sending without TS.

I would highly recommend that you contact your sales manager about this issue. You should also provide the sales manager with some additional information such as configuration files, currently used firmware version and log files. This information would greatly speed up the troubleshooting process.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask. Alternatively, upvote the answer if it provided a solution to your question.

Best regards,

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Thanks for the prompt response Vytenis!!

We did NOT updated the firmware/configuration and the SIM is under contract, it cannot have reached a data limit.

I don't have the FMB630 with me, so won't be able to do what you suggest, but will do so as soon as we get it back. Unfortunately, it seems we cannot do anything remotely.

With regard to our sales manager, unfortunately I have to say that we have tried many times, and she does not respond to our emails at all and when she does , she always has to ask support and it takes forever to get a response.  We have tried with other sales rep and distributors as well, and unfortunately we cannot seem to get any decent support. Therefore, am very excited about  this forum and have great expectations to finally get our technical problems resolved.

I think Teltonika have great products but the sales team, at least for South America, is very unprofessional,  they just want to make a quick sale, and are NOT looking to build a long term relationship with their clients (at least that has been our experience so far) .
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Daniel, I am sorry to hear about your experience. I am sure that sales/support people are working their hardest to help you, but with over 8 million devices deployed they must have quite a lot of work on their hands, so naturally, it takes some time to figure out an individual case and respond to it.

Regarding your issue, I would recommend making a log file as soon as you can. Or maybe make a couple: one when you try to send SMS commands to the device, another when you are expecting records, etc. The logs files should be at least 10min long. If you are interested in fixing the issue yourself, you should make a backup configuration file before making any changes just in case. Also, take note of your firmware version, it might be beneficial to update it.

I still highly recommend going through sales to support over the forum as it is not advisable to disclose private information(server addresses, etc. contained in the configuration) on the internet.
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Thanks for your suggestion. Once we receive the FMB630 back from our client we will follow your suggestions and let you know.
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Hola mucho gusto a mi me paso en varias oportunidades quedan la luz de señal celular pegada, lo que realize yo fue que desconecte la bateria de respaldo para que el cliente pudiera desconectar el borne de la bateria del vehiculo o maquinaria, es un poco inseguro ya que no queda respaldo de energia en caso de cualquier cosa pero hasta el momento hay sido util y sin haber tenido el limite de datos habilitado en la programacion.