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What's goin' on?

Checksum from website: 5b9433e22fd1b5647890d98238ae8381

Checksum from router before upgrade: d2fc68ae4e7e1fe85601cb8ea97e8657

Please can you provide a full working firmware for RUTX09?


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There was a bug in older versions that checksum was displayed wrong in Web'UI.

With older firmware versions d2fc68ae4e7e1fe85601cb8ea97e8657 == 5b9433e22fd1b5647890d98238ae8381.

This issue is fixed in the newest version(2.00.1)
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No... I STILL have the same issue.

Here: I read 5b9433e22fd1b5647890d98238ae8381

On router's Web UI I have d2fc68ae4e7e1fe85601cb8ea97e8657

So, they're obviously different.

I've never experienced that in all firmwares upgrade prior to 02 releases... So.. again.... What's goin' on?

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This issue is fixed you most update to the latest firmware.

Before the firmware update: d2fc68ae4e7e1fe85601cb8ea97e8657 this hash code will be given to you.
After the firmware update:    5b9433e22fd1b5647890d98238ae8381  and try to reupdate the router you will be given this hash code.

Here are the list of fixes applied on the latest firmware.

  • Fixed operator name parsing
  • Fixed serial reading
  • Fixed SIM card PIN code setting
  • Fixed I/O event handling
  • Fixed backup save after device restart
  • GPS init script fixes
  • IPsec page rework
  • Failover/Load Balancing mobile interface fixes
  • L2TP/PPTP/SSTP configuration fixes
  • TX power save setting fixes
  • Refactored profiles functionality
  • Added write to config option in Call Utilities
  • Wireless config migration fix
  • Firmware checksum fix


You can verify the change log and fixes applied to the latest firmware here: RUTX Firmware Information

commented ago by
As I said before... I have that checksum even with RUTX_R_00.02.00.1

Should I suppose I have a corruption on checksum on my router?
commented ago by

Just reupdate your RUTX to the latest firmware RUTX_R_00.02.00.2 for the fixes.


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I'm sorry... But I have the same error with every 2.X firmware I try to upgrade:

- Bad checksum

- Firmware corruption

Another thing I can't understand is why 1.x firmwares were about 19 Mb in size and in .img format and 2.x firmwares are about 16 Mb and .bin format.

IMHO something still going wrong.
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Could you try this method found on this link at the bottom part titled Bootloader menu: 


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That procedure doesn't working.... IMHO there's something wrong with all that situation.... BTW...
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I actually noticed that factory reset, doens't really reset my RUTX09 :) what does reset my router is installing same firmware and selecting "don't keep settings" checkbox option.