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Hi! I just bought a RUT240 and trying to set it up. Right now I have it in bridge mode and get 20-30mbit down with 3/5 in connection. With my old Huawei-router I got like 90mbit down easy. Is that a limitation with the RUT240, bridge/passtrough or just my connection?

If you can get higher speeds with RUT240 I might invest in better antennas.

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When you tested with Huawei, did you used the same SIM card at the same place?

What exactly Huawei module you was used?

Have you tried simple check lte speed with default router settings (NAT mode)?
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Yes, it's the same SIM card and the spot where the router stands is the same.

It's a Huawei B525s-23a.

Yeah, both directly after factory reset with NAT mode and bridge.
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Please try to compare RUT240 with another device which also use LTE Cat4 module. Because now you comparing with B525s-23a which has LTE Cat6 LTE module ,so you comparing devices with two different technologies.