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I purchased a FMB964 and after finishing the configuration, I tried to read the original SD card on PC, and to replace it on FMB964 with a 2GB card.

Then I saw the Configurator does not load the device's IMEI any more and the device does not register in mobile network.

Could please someone help with this issue?


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Hello, TomG,

Could you please say which firmware and configurator versions are you using in this device?

Best regards,

Teltonika Support
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Thank you
It is firmware 01.03.03 Rev:0

Best Regards
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Thank you for information.

The solution for your issue will be update firmware up to 03.25.07 version.

We would like to inform you that we do not share firmware files / updater and other files in community forum.

To receive firmware files, updater and documentation on devices, please contact your sales manager.
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Hello dear,

My sales manager is from latvia through eBay, I will try to contact him.

I thank you for your time,

Have a nice day,
Best Regards,