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I had PRTG network monitor probing these OIDs:



After upgrading to the latest firmware, I get a SNMP 223 error when trying to probe these.

Monitoring CPU load, RAM etc still works.

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I have checked with latest release and seems working correctly:

Try to download MIB file using that new fw release.

If issue persist, try to restore router to default settings

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Here is what I get when I probe the OIDs using the same tool in your screenshot:

Is there anything short of a factory reset which can fix this?

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Hmm... the factory reset did not help.

However, it miraculously started working again when I issued /etc/init.d/snmpd restart on the command line.

Probably some kind of bug, maybe?

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I have checked few times and it was working correctly.

If issue persist, please inform us, and would be great if you could provide details how to reproduce it.

Thank you in advance.
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Configure the SNMP service. Use v2c and set the community string.
  2. Set up the monitoring server to probe the router's LAN IP
This works OK until the router is rebooted or power-cycled for any reason. Whenever this happens, the SNMP monitoring only works on the core Linux parameters (load average, disk space, RAM)
For some reason, the signal level monitors (OIDs) start working again when I manually restart the snmpd service.
Maybe you should make a change in the next firmware release so that the snmpd service waits for 1-2min before starting?
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Could you send to me (private message) troubleshoot package from router when issue is appeared?
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Hi, I've sent you the troubleshooting file in a PM.