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after a few weeks of usage the Router did not responde anymore.

After it was switched off and an on , the router started again.

But this is not the first time it happened. This happens regulaly.

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Could you describe more about your issue? What exactly stops working? Does router still broadcasting wireless SSID? Does it response to pings? Can you reach router WebUI?

Could you describe router LEDs behaviour when issue appears?
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Hi ,

sorry forgot that part.  The router is about 700km far away from our Company. So we can not connect to the Router. Also the Ping test is a Time Out.

last time  I was near the Router the Status LED was 4 Stripes and Green . All other LED were green . But still gut a Ping TimeOut .

After we changed de Router an the SimCard it was working a few weeks . Then the same problems appeard.
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Are you using the latest firmware found here:
Also kindly check the sim card your using maybe your out of data.

Hope it helps.